Change enlivens and brightens the world. Similarity leads to boredom and disinterest. You can only breathe fresh air by standing out from the crowd and making yourself different from the others. This concept applies to the world of web design. Clients often ask their web designer to make changes, and web designers themselves always want to try something fun and unique. However, many of these attempts only result in a disappointing outcome. Here are some typical targets for design change that one should approach carefully.


Every now and then, visitors will be annoyed by flyouts, or a pop out feature. Although flyouts sometimes can be eye-catching, visitors will eventually get bored or even annoyed. They may avoid your page, thinking of the annoying flyouts. So, get rid of flyouts if you don’t want to say goodbye to your potential clients.

Font Size and Style

While a humorous font style might work for, say, a birthday card, you might want to think twice before applying unusual or creative font styles and sizes for your website. While using an offbeat font might attract eyeballs to your website, they can quickly become tedious for those reading the text on your site. For example, using a tiny font size might strain the eyes of the reader, and using a humorous or fancy font detracts from both readability and professionalism. A qualified website design company should know exactly what font style and size their readers prefer.

Radical Changes

Although change is important, the truth is that most people fear it. People want to stay in their comfort zone, and may feel panicky when things change too quickly. If your website changes are too radical, visitors might become alienated and won’t spend time trying to figure it out. The same applies to structural changes. Your website might not be able to be read on some browsers or devices if you use an unconventional structure.

Confused Navigation

Suppose you are watching a movie containing glorious scenery, but the dialogue is spoken in a foreign language that is unfamiliar to you. You may at first be attracted by the magnificent appearance, but as time goes by and you are unable to follow the storyline, you will ultimately lose interest. Likewise, a fancy appearance without solid content leads to visitor disappointment. A qualified web design company can produce the type of website that both attracts visitors and ensures they spend time there.

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