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We are a New York-based online reputation, review management and digital marketing agency. Blue Ocean Global Technology is a team of global professionals committed to learning, excellence and helping our clients achieve the best results. We appreciate your sense of urgency and value your most precious asset – reputation. We are your creative thinkers, global educators and technology partners. Most importantly, we are the people you always trust.

  • Transparent

    Transparent communication guides all client interactions and partner relationships.

  • Innovative

    Innovative leadership sustains competitive advantages in the face of the Digital Revolution.

  • Collaborative

    Collaborative engagements underpin extraordinary results and ensure that clients realize their full potential.

Sameer Somal

Chief Executive Officer

What Our Clients Say

Protect Your Online Reputation

Today, we interact with friends, family, and colleagues, more so than ever before, through text messages, email, and social media, where perception and reality are often confused. Negative or defamatory content on the internet can damage your online and offline reputation. Make sure you’re safeguarding your brand everywhere, especially online.

Digital Reputations Are Everything.

We evolve our skills in tandem with market trends to meet the needs of our clients. Our team integrates open source tools and licensed enterprise software.

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