Blue Ocean Global Technology used MyStore ( as a tangible example to demonstrate how to solve SEO issues and increase the appeal of your website.


Step 1: Extensive Keyword Research

Low-quality keyword research is a common occurrence among unsuccessful ecommerce websites. Blue Ocean Global Technology’s SEO team created a list of frequently used phrases and keywords gathered from different resources. The team also found some keywords that were used by MyStore’s competitors.


Step 2: Onsite Optimization

Search engine crawlers can read your website easily after onsite optimization. Information architecture like URLs, headings images, etc., will be optimized. Blue Ocean Global Technology also designed the ecommerce website to accommodate an SEO-friendly content management system (CMS), which can help customize details for websites and keywords.


Step 3: Work on Website Loading Time

SEO designers may ignore high website-loading time, but it is a major problem for online shopping. Blue Ocean Global Technology reduced website loading times by applying better techniques and faster servers.


onsite optimization to increase website traffic


Step 4: Onsite Content Optimization

Blue Ocean Global Technology suggested that MyStore add keyword descriptions of products that are keyword-rich without copying descriptions directly from other websites, since such behavior will be heavily penalized by search engines. The content should also be updated regularly.


Step 5: Removal of Duplicate Content

Since MyStore sold some similar products, it contained duplicate content on some pages. Robots.txt can help block the duplicate content-generating areas.


Step 6: Establishing Multiple Sources of Traffic

Conducting SEO on one website was inadequate, so Blue Ocean Global Technology generated multiple sources of traffic, like blogs and social media, in addition to the website.


Multiple Sources of Traffic


Step 7: Domain Authority Improvement

Blue Ocean Global Technology included additional resources related to top 10 search results for target keywords, and also customized keywords related to the ecommerce website. In addition, social media sharing and forums were used to improve MyStore’s domain authority.


Step 8: Optimization of Social Media Resources

Social media optimization is also important. Related keywords were used in posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Hashtags were applied to increase content visibility.


Step 9: Conversion Funnel Optimization

After testing the website and discovering loopholes, Blue Ocean Global Technology took corrective action to significantly improve online sales by increasing visit duration.


Step 10: Regular Monitoring

Once Blue Ocean Global Technology completed optimization, they used tools similar to Google Analytics to monitor MyStore’s performance. They also analyzed keywords; visit duration, and other website-related factors.



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