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By: Shane Galvin |  January 9, 2024

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management entails creating a positive image of a person, company or a brand. This is done to increase both engagement and customer loyalty. Online reputation management is done by highlighting the prominent elements of a brand to generate a large target audience. This can be done by constructing a positive social media presence or publishing favorable content on news and media channels. 

Other than this, online reputation management also includes maintaining the image of a brand. These include crisis communication by managing rumors or holding accountability. All of this is important to increase the trustworthiness of the brand and the goods and services being offered. 


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Why Is Reputation Management Important for Dentists?

Online reputation management for dentists is important to maintain a positive online image. It is also crucial to ensure that this online presence is constantly targeted at the right audience. Reputation management for dentists includes various things, such as featuring the quality of their work and emphasizing the elements differently being pursued by them than their competitors. 


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Maintaining these tasks individually becomes impossible in the long run, therefore the right company is needed to manage the online presence of a dentist. At Blue Ocean Global Technology, we understand that reputations are everything. We understand that a company’s online presence is the most precious digital asset which can make or break the reputation of the company.

Strengthen Your Online Image with Digital Marketing

Boost your online image and discover why powerful digital marketing strategies are important for dentists. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Online websites are one of the major reasons for an increase in dental patients. This is because customers rely on the online presence of a dental brand. Online dentist reputation management helps highlight the strengths of the doctor and their company. They try to increase the rank of the brand on the search engine result pages which leads to increased brand awareness.

Attract Leads

While a lot of doctors try to respond to comments individually in the beginning,  be it positive or negative. This can become tedious in the long run affecting the engagement and customer base. Reputation management for dentists therefore is a way of constantly keeping a track of every visitor on the website. Through these contacts and advertisements, dental reputation management companies help attract leads for better engagement.

Bring More Traffic to Your Website

This can be done by promoting your website on other platforms, so a dentist’s website is recommended through sources. Online reputation management for dentists helps link the dentist’s website to these various sources to bring in more traffic. Increased positive reviews also leads to increased traffic. All these ways are to bring in more spotlight and try to make the website more well-searched.

Enhance Brand Image

Online reputation management for dentists includes building a competitive edge to attract the customer base to your website. Enhancing brand images entails maintaining a positive review of your practice continuously. This involves regular advertisements, higher search engine rankings, good reviews and being accountable for any negative comments. Uploading about your past patients and their experience also helps elevate brand image and builds trust among customers for your company.

How to Start Online Reputation Management for Dentists

Online dentists’ reputation management is necessary for starting up your own practice to attract customers. Online reputation becomes the source of success or failure for a company. This is because online presence is as important as personal connections. More than showing the doctor’s professionalism, reputation management for dentists is about creating customer loyalty. To begin with online reputation management for dentists it is imperative to research about your competitors and make a plan which will attract more customers. Simultaneously, monitoring every social media platform is also very important. 

Additionally, publishing positive comments by customers on the dentist’s website helps their website to be searched more. This means public perception plays a very crucial role for websites to be displayed at the top of search engines. Taking accountability for negative reviews and modifying things to increase customer ratings is also a part of reputation management for dentists. 

Perform an Audit for Your Online Presence

A reputation audit gives you clarity regarding your customers, their feedback and most importantly who your competitors are. There are ways you can audit your online presence such as listing your social media accounts. It is important to know which platforms you are active on or not and build an online presence from there on. Performing an audit includes setting up particular goals for your social media accounts, posting on it regularly and evaluating the engagement and feedback on these posts.

The most crucial part of the audit is to review posts uploading all the content, and assess what is liked by the customers more. It also includes cutting off on content which isn’t getting much engagement. Try to keep a track of your competitor’s website and also use keywords to make your online presence the most prominent among the others.  


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Establish an Online Reputation Management Strategy

A planned strategy for reputation management for dentists can be made after reviewing and preparing an audit. Having a proactive approach is better rather than waiting for the risks. Trying to counter the negative comments helps clear negative online presence. Asking previous patients to put up good reviews and using online tools to manage reviews can be a good strategy. 

Monitor Your Online Reputation

Monitoring your digital reputation on every platform is important to get as much real-time feedback as possible. Apart from your social media handles, views on news and earned media, forums (especially Reddit and Quora), and videos need to be checked as well. Third-party review sites are also very harsh in their criticism, monitoring and replying to their views is also necessary. To make this more easy try to use keywords and hashtags related to your website and search on every platform possible. 

Manage Your Online Reviews

Monitoring your online presence is only helpful when every review about your company is managed. Instant accountability and replies help reduce the blow if the comments are negative. Similarly, replying to a positive comment instantly increases customer loyalty towards the company. Personalizing each message initially and answering every query the customers have can also increase engagement. 

However, automated replies for questions and appointments are also needed for quick response. Surveying which questions are frequently asked helps develop a structure on the website. 

Manage Your Content Online

Third-party reviews on different platforms build traffic on your website. It is important to constantly build contacts with other websites and blogs to publish your work. Maintaining an online track of your patients, your experience and achievements helps customers put more trust in you as a doctor. Try to collaborate your content with other people who have a good social media presence and reputation.

Manage Your Social Media Accounts

People spend a huge amount of time on their social media accounts. Having relatable content attracts them to your online presence. Except for managing reviews and having professional content many other elements can be added to increase engagement. Content like posting about dental care on a daily basis can help attract people who are seeking advice on a routine basis. 

Social media presence is the most prolonged and cost-effective way to create virtual associations with people. Messaging about and sharing the content published on your website helps increase traffic on your other social media platforms.


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Reputation management for dentists is the most important part of attracting more customers and instantly developing your business. It includes keeping track of online engagement, posting content which works best for the company and reviewing comments.

Online reputation management for dentists is a detailed process which if done correctly ensures success and growth. At Blue Ocean Global Technology, all these details are highly valued and looked upon. This is done to create the best online presence for your company and increase engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reputation management for dentists?

Online reputation management for dentists involves managing and monitoring online presence to increase patients and review customer engagement on social media platforms.

How to do online reputation management for dentists?

Some ways to do online reputation management for dentists include surveying your online content and customers. Also constantly replying to online reviews be it negative or positive to increase customer loyalty is one of the ways.

How to improve reputation management for a dental business?

Dental reputation management can be improved by keeping a track of other businesses and maintaining a competitive edge. Also trying to advertise and collaborate with other businesses as much as possible to improve search engine ranking is also important.

How much does it cost for online reputation management services?

Depending upon the business’s personalized needs, the cost of reputation management services can vary from $500 to $10,000 per month. The structure, strategy and social media plans vary for different companies and people.

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