Mobile internet usage has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. According to recent statistics, mobile internet usage now exceeds desktop internet usage. Even with this compelling information, the majority of businesses are slow to adapt to changing trends in web browsing. This oversight is detrimental to both internet users and business owners.


The following sections will help you to understand the importance of responsive web design is for all businesses.


How Does Responsive Design Differ From a Mobile Template?

Responsive design and mobile templates are the two main types of mobile website. Responsive design implements adaptive coding so the website can be viewed on any device. This is the preferred method of design by industry professionals. Mobile templates require a second website or subdomain to accommodate mobile users.


Extraordinary Rise in Mobile Usage

More than a quarter of all Google searches are performed from a mobile device. Internet searches for local businesses account for an even larger percentage of mobile usage. These figures need to be taken into account when designing your marketing plan. Businesses that continue to ignore the rise in mobile usage will be outpaced by their competitors.


Search Engines Like Google Prefer Responsive

Websites with a single URL are easier for the Google bot to understand. For this reason, responsive websites typically achieve higher organic search rankings than their mobile counterparts. Responsive websites also require less work to maintain than a separate mobile template.


Focus on the User Experience

Users who become discouraged with the limited capabilities of your mobile website will often move to a competitor’s site. If the user has a positive mobile experience, they are 70% more likely to purchase goods or services from the website.


Higher Loading Speeds

A mobile-friendly website should load in less than two seconds (content above the fold should load in less than one). Websites that aren’t built for mobile devices normally take two or three times as long to load. This results in higher bounce rates and low conversation rates.


Social Media Mavens Love Mobile

Marketing professionals understand the fundamental importance of social media marketing. Studies estimate that 55% of social media traffic comes from mobile devices. When it comes to social sharing, businesses without a mobile presence are at a competitive disadvantage.


Responsive Anticipates Changing Technologies

The great benefit of responsive design is that it adapts to fit any screen size. It doesn’t matter if users are viewing your website on their watch or through a pair of glasses; responsive web design has you covered.


As the technological landscape changes and evolves, it is essential that your website offers easy navigation and a positive user experience. Mobile accessibility is absolutely critical if you want your business to reach its full potential.


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