How to Generate Traffic: Free and Paid Online Promotion Mediums (Part 2)

By: Sameer Somal |  June 29, 2016

Run a Twitter Campaign

Twitter in a nutshell is 140 characters or less, trending topics, and #hashtags. However, when utilized properly, Twitter can be a magnificent marketing tool for promoting your business or brand.

  • Over 200 million active users
  • Roughly 400 million tweets per day
  • These numbers continue to grow.

Twitter is a community of engaged users, and it has some tremendous tools for reaching out to a specific audience.

  • Target global, national, or local markets
  • Target the interests of certain people you want to appeal to
  • Promote your posts and or profile.
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Twitter has many ways for businesses to benefit from using it. However, knowing how to use this social media mega platform properly is essential to your success.

CAUTION: Twitter users can also be very blunt and shut down your idea or promotion. Be careful about how you roll out your business or product.


How to Influence Auto-Suggestions on Google Search

Get the Search Engine Advantage

When people try to locate a business, information, people, or anything that interests them, they usually rely on search engines to do this.

This is the same process that Google Adwords uses to generate their results. In this case, we are focusing on affecting live search results.

If someone decides to create a breakfast joint in New York and wants to approach people looking for lighter, healthier meals, they will accomplish this by making their website correlate with searches such as “healthy meals NY” or “best breakfast joint in New York.”

Arrange your online presence to correlate with phrases that match your website and profile pages according to Google Guidelines. Knowing how to manage keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to handling things on your own and giving yourself the best chance to succeed.

Many businesses will look to outsource their online presence to a SEO professional or an online marketing agency. Not only will they help solidify your online presence, they can enhance your social media image to maximize the quality of traffic coming to you.

How to begin: Discuss your goals and aspirations with a marketing agency that specializes in getting you the results you desire. Researching online to find the best agency is key.

Publish a Press Release

A press release is a powerful way to enter a particular industry or share a memorable event that occurred. A solid web-based brand will do this often to connect with their audience and present a positive image.

Releasing an informative press release can accomplish the following:

  • Inform the readers about your business idea
  • Share future plans and current partnerships
  • Identify your business location
  • Discuss other important business details

These are some of the more prestigious websites that accept and publicize press releases. You want to be on the following sites:

How to do it: Visit the websites above and you will find the guidelines for submission as well as the quoted prices.

Analyzing and monitoring your SEO is just a click away.

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