Global Digital Marketing Summit Is Going Live July 11–13, 2018

By: Rachita Sharma |  May 5, 2018

The Global Digital Marketing Summit (GDMS) is a virtual event focused on the theme of digital marketing. It is a unique conference within the marketing community. GDMS attracts a large segment of the world’s most sophisticated marketers for three days of learning and sharing. The event is comprised of modules like keynote speeches, presentations on practical insights into digital marketing, a one-on-one debate on the latest methodologies of digital marketing, a workshop on marketing and automation tools, discussion of case studies pertaining to digital marketing, and entrepreneurship among women.

Global Digital Marketing Summit Is Going Live July 11–13, 2018

The key takeaways from the 2018 event will include gaining first-hand knowledge of the latest trends in digital marketing, innovative marketing strategies, and insights into the new digital marketing tools. GDMS also provide ample networking opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Many prominent companies and marketing leaders, including entrepreneurs, will share the stage. Brands known for their excellence have partnered to make this e-conference a real knowledge hub, including SEMrush, Blue Ocean Global Technology, Mozilla, HP, Salesforce, Canon, Yoast, AgileSherpas, Similar Web, Stone Temple, BlitzMetrics, and Hubspot, among others.

Global Digital Marketing Summit Is Going Live July 11–13, 2018

We are delighted to share our Chief Executive Officer, Sameer Somal is invited to speaker at the event. This conference will feature more than 80 speakers from multiple backgrounds and industries, along with entrepreneurs from different countries and several corporate delegates. These experts will share their knowledge and experience and diverse backgrounds in a single platform for the benefit of every participant. With more than 1,000 professionals expected to participate, the event will add value to the existing skill set of its participants. The conference strives to bridge the gap between industry-acclaimed experts and the corporate workforce.

I am delighted to contribute to the conference and speak on 11th July, 2018. I look forward to sharing perspective and delivering our “Online Reputation Management: Building & Protecting Your Digital Presence” program. Reputation is everything. Businesses grow and succeed through their reputations. A digital presence and online communication strategy are not just part of a company’s reputation, they form the firm’s foundation — the most critical component to its survival and growth. Blue Ocean Global Technology is proud to be a platinum sponsor for the event.

Global Digital Marketing Summit-Sponsors

The Global Digital Marketing Summit plays an active role in the growth and enrichment of our business community, so I personally invite you to attend.

Register before the event is sold out!

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