101 Tips to Make Your Website Sell – [56 – 78]

By: Sameer Somal |  October 15, 2015

Conversion Path Optimization

56. Make the contact information and tech support details visible on the “Contact Us” page and the footer of every page.

57. The company address should be easy to locate, and it’s usually included on the “Contact Us” page.

58. Carefully plan the calls to action (CTAs) to bring your visitors to the next step through the conversion funnel. Place the CTAs where you want to close the deal.

59. CTAs on your landing page need to improve conversions and make people want to stay on your website. If CTAs on your website don’t make your visitors feel comfortable you must fix them, because they are one of the most vital factors in determining whether people will stay on your website.

60. Design the CTA buttons carefully; colored buttons are preferred

61. Place the heading on the top left of pages and the CTAs on the bottom right, since readers will read the page from the top left to bottom right, according to the Gutenberg rule.

62. Offer an online payment option if your visitors are impulsive.


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63. The checkout page should be designed smartly, and the process should be efficient.

64. Remove distractions like a navigation bar when visitors are close to the bottom of the conversion funnel.

65. Including an arrow as part of your CTAs will attract visitors’ attention and convey the idea that this button is more important than other headings or text. Limit arrows to one per page.

66. Using a coupon code may increase the number of abandoned shopping carts.

67. If a visitor has left a cart abandoned, follow up and remind him or her to complete the transaction.

68. People prefer to buy best-selling products or services, so feature them on your home page to increase sales.

69. Make the registration process simple. Make it possible for visitors to register through social media links.

70. Only ask for essential information, and provide privacy policies and terms of use if you ask for personal information from visitors.

71. Highlight any kinds of discounts and special offers.

72. Carefully plan your price structure.

73. Prices should be indicated clearly and show discounts, estimated monthly installment (EMI) options, and the like clearly to increase sales.

74. Your website should be able to suggest to visitors information about related pages or similar products.

75. Remind users of a conversion-critical action that remains, like an incomplete signup, but do it humbly and don’t be too aggressive.

76. Show product images in the cart at checkout, since this will help you reduce abandonments.

77. Keep your promises to your visitors. If you promise a 40% discount, fulfill it and make it prominent on the landing page.

78. Provide quality product images if you sell products online. Also provide “zoom” buttons to convince visitors that they are buying the right thing. Videos will allow your visitors to feel respected.

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