5 Best Techniques for Online Reputation Repair

By: Team |  September 7, 2022

Having an online presence in today’s digital era has become mandatory. The internet is home to abundant information, a source of all kinds of entertainment, and, most importantly, it accommodates innumerable reviews and opinions for all things and of all people. 

Articles, testimonials, and social media handles that show up on the web upon searching your name are your online presence, and what this information says determines your online reputation. Your online reputation is impacted by content you have put online, or that which other organizations have put out about you, content you have liked and engaged with, as well as what consumers have said about you on social networks.

Thus, it can be positive or negative in nature depending on what others have to say about you online. While one cannot control what web users write online about them, they can navigate and mitigate what is being said about them. This is called online reputation management.  

Having negative content show up at the top of all search results related to your name has a negative effect on your business and credibility. Ensuring this content is either pushed down the search results or completely taken off the web is the only way to repair the damage it has already caused or might cause to your reputation.

Tips to Repair Your Online Reputation

1. Removal of Negative Content for Online Reputation Repair:

When false or defamatory content is posted online, one can reach out to the hosting company, content originator, or webmaster, and get it taken down through negotiation or legal actions. In cases where the content originator is unidentifiable or protected by the law, suppressing such content by using backlinking, interlinking, on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and other such techniques are suggested.

2. Create Google Alerts for Your Brand, Product, or Services:

By setting up alerts for your company name, you will receive email notifications every time something new related to your product/service or your company name is posted online. This enables you to monitor all content posted online under your name.

3. Create More Profiles Online on Public Platforms Such as Facebook, Instagram, TWITTER, and LINKEDIN:

These social media platforms have very high domain authority on the web, and active engagement on these will help your profiles rank higher on Google search, while pushing the negative links lower on the search results.

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4. Generate Content for Other Sites Like Medium or Thrive Global:

Generate content for other sites like Medium or Thrive Global. Similar to well-known social media platforms, certain prominent websites that allow you to guest post rank very high on domain authority and have a loyal reader base. By featuring on their website, you can increase positive backlinks to your official website and attract more clientele.

5. Post Testimonials From Your Past Clients:

Post testimonials from your past clients. This is the best online reputation repair tip as highlighting what people who have used your products or services think about you helps potential clients to form a better opinion of you.


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Best online reputation repair techniques include having a proactive outlook rather than a reactive one. Having a plan of action and a team dedicated to crisis management beforehand is better than waiting for a catastrophe to hit and getting caught off guard. 

There are various online reputation repair services that online reputation management companies provide for a modest fee. 

As Andre Griffin rightfully said- “Reputation is an outcome; but it is also a valuable, strategic asset“, using your online presence and reputation to attract more traffic to your business is a clever move to make in this time of worldwide web.

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