Add Trust-Building Factors

79. Inform your users of the product quality and liability if the user defaults by using guarantees or risk-reversal mechanisms to increase conversion.

80. Show the certifications achieved by your experts and tell your visitors how many years you have operated in this industry. Also let them know about your awards and recognitions.

81. Include some case studies of your work, as well as financial figures, since this will give your users a better understanding of your work.

82. Try to include third-party opinions about your work, like those from news publishers.

83. You should clearly mention your privacy policy, terms and conditions, contract details, shipping policy, etc. to assure your visitors of the reliability of your company.

84. Highlight your past work and former clients as social proof to increase sales.

85. When you ask for information, it’s also a good time to provide reassurance about your purpose for collecting information.

86. Place comments and testimonials from happy consumers who talked about their satisfying experience with your company before your CTA to invite your visitors to convert.

87. Make sure your checkout page is 100% bug-free and highly secured. Also provide safe-payment options.


Make Your Website Humanlike

88. Provide comprehensive information on the “About Us” page to express your vision, values, financial performance, relationships with other firms, etc.

89. Share the list of your employees and update company events frequently, since this can make your company more authentic and can build trust.

90. Give your visitors a detailed description of the benefit your products can bring rather than merely listing bullet points.

91. People prefer to have someone answer their questions immediately, so provide a live chat support option, since it will bring a 10%-20% increase in sales.

92. Try to ask for advice and feedback from your visitors so that you can improve your company. You can collect feedback through surveys after any kind of conversion.

93. Don’t delete negative comments in your comments section, since this is actually a good time for you to interact with customers and solve problems.

94. People appreciate help, so offer free advice and be empathetic to their situation.


User Engagement

95. Share some valuable information related to your industry so people feel comfortable referring you to others.

96. Hold some online events to build your brand reputation, increase traffic, and attract visitors.

97. Your content should be easy to share through other platforms.

98. Update your visitors about trends and the latest events in your industry.

99. Start a blog to engage your visitors, and update the content regularly to build connections and give them options for leaving comments.

100. Issue a newsletter to update events and product launches to keep your subscribers informed.

101. Keep your visitors informed through social media websites.

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