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Consumers value interacting with businesses and service providers with a positive online reputation and website experience. Professional security, content and technical maintenance will ensure that you receive the best value and impact from your website.

Why ongoing maintenance of your website is important?

We increasingly depend on the internet and our smartphones. Whether its Google Maps, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, Uber, our lives have moved online. Businesses and their customers have also moved online. This makes the digital content that appears when you or your company is searched on the internet more important than ever. The confidence of existing and future clients depends on your positive press and digital presence.

Customers expect your website to load in at least 2 seconds and 40% of internet visitors will leave your if it takes more than 3 seconds to populate. You only have one first impression with the details. Client confidence and trust directly correlates to your digital presence, the foundation of which is your website. Change is constant with respect to the internet, which can easily expose broken links and outdated software.

To protect your website, mini-applications such as extensions, plugins, and CMS require regular updates. Older versions expire often, and hackers subsequently take advantage of opportunities to enter discretely. When developers improve software, they release a new version. The updated version may fix an easy access security breach that was exposed through hacking. Security breaches and bugs often result from irregular maintenance. For example, in 2017 WordPress released 22 software upgrades for its widely used open-source content management system platform. Search engine algorithms prioritize well-maintained websites and favor those offering the most recent updates.

Proactive website management promotes content organically on search engines and protects organizations from unwelcome attacks. Blue Ocean Global Technology serves clients directly. We collaborate with an exclusive group of PR, Law, Digital Marketing, and Web-Development agency partners.

Monthly Website Maintenance & Security includes:


  • Plug-in updates
  • WordPress updates
  • Repairing broken links and minor bugs
  • Minor dynamic scripts (Javascript)
  • Suggestions to improve website’s ranking on Google
  • Consulting on website-specific enhancements
  • Google My Business updates
  • Google Analytics check
  • On page SEO technical updates, including meta tags (title, description, keywords), alt tag, h1, h2, h3.


  • Content and photo updates
  • Creating small icons/graphics for presenting the text better
  • Creating flash icons/banners
  • Creating additional pages for existing website
  • Modifying existing web page layout
  • Updating background and slider images
  • Improving the presentation style of the already existing pages
  • Layout changes using table
  • Style sheet updates and changes


  • SSL security
  • Security & Malware Check
  • Hack proofing
  • Regular security and functionality monitoring
  • Complete backups for compliance and emergency restoration on our local servers
  • Local Server

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