Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves organic rankings on search engines.

SEO encompasses regular on-site and off-site SEO strategies, including social engagement, and local SEO strategy. There are many factors that influence comprehensive SEO.

Keyword Research and Analysis It all begins with keywords. Identifying and ranking the "right" keywords is critical. Targeting the right keywords means attracting the right kind of visitors. Intelligent keywords or phrases improve a website's ranking.

A significant component of increasing a website's visibility is the development of a search engine friendly site structure and carefully planning keyword density, placement and prominence. We also check for W3C validation. This service will optimize core elements such as title tags, meta tags, header tags, image and hyperlink optimization, page content, navigation, and breadcrumbs.

On Page Optimization addresses duplicate content, marginal URL schemes, inefficient site architecture, hidden text, and improvement of site download time. We also add custom- designed 404 error pages and 301 permanent redirects. 

Content Development & Marketing One key factor in the successful improvement of natural rankings includes the addition of relevant, authoritative and keyword dense content. Our team will help you develop strong content and meet specific compliance requirements.

Content development and marketing generates quality back links to the website through articles, press releases, blog postings, and visual content such as creative graphics, videos and presentations.

Social Engagement

SEO complements social media. Our SEO enhancement increases your website's social presence and engagement on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Local SEO Strategies.

Local SEO strategies help realize first page rankings for all of your website's geo-targeted keywords within a particular city, state, or country. As a part of this service, we will take care of citations, reviews, places, and optimization to position your website on the first page and within other appropriate local directories.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting refers to Google Analytics installation and Google Webmasters Tools Setup for constant tracking. We regularly monitor search engine ranking reports, load time reports, and link popularity reports to improve performance. Before implementing our SEO services, we recommend a thorough research analysis of your industry and competition.

Before implementing our SEO services, we recommend a thorough research analysis of your industry and competition. We employ ethical SEO techniques to direct a consistent source of relevant traffic to your website. We create and strengthen niche reputations.

On Site Optimization

Title Tag:

The title tag is often considered the most important component of your website from an SEO perspective. This is simply the title of the page. We include the key phrases in the title tag.

Meta Description:

This is the overall description for your page. Our team creates thoughtful, compelling content that addresses key phrases that best describe your organization.

Meta keywords:

These are the keywords that are included on your website. Several years ago, this tag was the key element in SEO. Today, it is has additional importance and is included for site structure integration. We include the key phrases within Meta keywords.

Heading Tags:

It is important to have the correct heading tags on each web page. To maximize your SEO capability, we use one main heading tag then create additional sub headings for each web page.

URL Structure:

We employ a consistent URL structure that contains user-friendly keywords. We avoid using dynamically generated URLs that consist of random characters and numbers.

Quality Content:

Web content and text represents the foundation of SEO. Search engines have become increasingly text orientated. Google now penalizes websites that copy or replicate content from other websites. Shortcuts cannot be taken when creating proprietary, high quality content. We integrate related key phrases throughout a website's content. We communicate and share through your web pages and maintain a dedicated blog for your website

Internal Links:

It is important to link your website by using the correct text. We map internal links so that search engines and visitors know what to expect from the page they are about to visit. We refine the site architecture to distribute link juice to landing pages. Flatter website architecture is generally beneficial for ensuring minimal dilution of link juice.

Image ALT and Title Tags:

All images should have ALT tags and title tags, which help visitors and search engines classify each image. We ensure that all images have relevant ALT and title tags.

Website Loading Time:

Faster website load times provide a better experience for internet users. Google began using page load times as a standalone factor within its search ranking algorithms in 2010. Today, Google policy favors websites with faster-loading times. Our technology infrastructure and SEO team ensure the optimal website load time.

Blue Ocean Global Technology offers efficient On Site optimization services. We have a young, dynamic team that is exclusively dedicated to SEO. All team members are qualified in On Site Optimization. We have extensive experience in CMS, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, OSCommerce, Drupal, among other technical platforms.

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