The mission of Blue Ocean Global Technology is to educate, advise, and implement technology.

In recognition of the Dr. Benjamin Franklin aphorism, "Diligence is the mother of good luck", Blue Ocean Global Technology was co-founded by Marguerita Cheng and Sameer Somal. Through a series of technology evaluations, Marguerita, Sameer, and Ret. Air Commodore Jaspal Aulakh, our Chief Operating Officer, conducted an exhaustive global search to identify experienced technology partners for our sister company, Blue Ocean Global Wealth.

Globalization increases the connectivity and interdependence of markets beyond domestic borders. The convergence of the internet, email, and fiber optic communication affords progressive executives an expansive opportunity set. Blue Ocean Global Technology clients transform challenges into opportunities. As technology entrepreneurs and stewards of client capital, we guide businesses to adapt to this dynamic catalyst of change. 

Sustaining a company's inherent competitive advantages requires a technology partner committed to transparency, innovation, and collaboration. In collaboration with our global teams of value engineers, business analysts, software programmers, graphic designers, content writers, and digital marketing professionals, we foster trust with prospective and current clients through our Blue Ocean Strategy of Education. Members of our executive team speak regularly at industry conferences and introduce our firm via private briefings

Through our technology planning process we align and integrate client marketing, sales and technology resource allocations. We collaborate to ensure that our clients make the most informed decisions.

  • Transparent

  • Innovative

  • Collaborative

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