Non Profit Organizations

Surveys consistently reveal that the majority of Nonprofit Organizations, associations, charities, and NGOs require technology expertise.

Optimal technology integration allows Nonprofit Organizations to realize measurable improvement in service delivery, fundraising, outreach, and communication. Despite an expansive technology marketplace, Nonprofit Organizations typically do not experience the same high levels of technology adoption as other entities.

To develop efficient and effective operations, Nonprofit Organizations must leverage emerging technologies in mobile applications, social media, cloud computing, and web development. Blue Ocean Global Technology is committed to serving clients in the nonprofit community. We understand the importance of aligning social missions with innovative technology solutions for our nonprofit clients.

The technology curve undoubtedly affects the strategic plan and poses new challenges for leaders at traditional professional and trade associations. Demographic changes in the workplace, a recession-prone economy, and technology based access to content and communities endanger the viability of membership organizations. The emergence of online free or low-cost alternatives now threaten prevailing value propositions -membership, education, and access to information. To thrive, associations must learn to identify their unique competitive advantage, embrace new technology, increase return on investment and innovate to remain relevant. Blue Ocean Global Technology is committed to helping Nonprofit and membership associations establish value-driven business models.

With proper integration and utilization, social, mobile, and other information technologies can deliver new powerful platforms for value creation, reduce complexity in business processes, and reshape expectations of current and future stakeholders. New membership depends upon referrals from satisfied existing members. We offer technology solutions that improve member engagement. Perception of value increases in proportion to the level of membership benefits. We also recognize the fundamental importance of attracting and retaining the next generation of members. Our consultative client experience leverages competitive intelligence to help our clients consistently attract referrals.

Member retention also influences our technology advice. We appreciate the need to objectively evaluate and monitor member feedback. We recognize that the complexity of an association's retention varies considerably across industries. For instance, a significant percentage of attrition can be attributed to ancillary factors. Technology must attract and engage prospective new members on the nuanced value of association membership.

Our Nonprofit and membership association services may include:

  • Dependable backend systems for report generation and performance tracking.
  • User- friendly mobile web design and information architecture
  • Robust and scalable web applications development
  • Powerful and extensive backend/webmaster's area
  • Online payment facility with auto-pay/recurring billing options
  • Mobile applications
  • Membership payments tracking and reports
  • Leads and support ticket management system
  • Research to devise reward points system to keep users more engaged
  • Subscriber management
  • Mass mailing
  • Online contests and surveys
  • Online donations and fund raising system
  • Social media marketing
  • E-marketing: SEO, PPC, SMM, Content Marketing, Online Brand Mention Tracking

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