Both businesses & consumers demand innovative mobile applications that deliver sophisticated user experiences.

Clients require feature-rich solutions that integrate video, location awareness and mapping, data capture, real-time notifications, and social media. Additionally, the diversity of devices, OS versions, and need for developing for mobile platforms can complicate technology application projects. We offer assistance and solutions regardless of your phase in the mobile development lifecycle. We provide architecture for the next-generation of mobile applications, user experience design, evaluation, testing and support.

Mobile development raises many questions, none of which can be answered in haste.

  • Should you select a native app, or should you select cross platform with a hybrid app or a responsive HTML5 website?
  • Should you focus on only one platform (iOS, Android, etc) or should you adopt a cross platform approach?
  • How would the new enterprise app interact with your existing IT assets like databases & corporate networks?
  • How would you handle user data? Should it be stored on the cloud or on the device?
  • How can you provide a contextual and optimal user experience??

A lack of due diligence and not proactively addressing critical questions may result in frustration when identifying the optimal technology partner. The Blue Ocean Global Technology software development team will carefully analyze your business requirements and help you implement the most suitable option for your needs and budget.

iPhone App Development:

With more than 600,000 apps competing for space in the App Store you cannot leave the business of iPhone App development to amateurs. Developing an App and persuading people to download and use it requires skill and experience. Your App must provide a positive user experience and deliver real value. We utilize the latest version of the iOS SDK, among many development tools to design, develop, test, and distribute your App on the App Store.

Android App Development:

The migration trend towards iPads and tablets increases the likelihood of your customer using such a device. Users expect iPad applications to be technically polished and aesthetically pleasing. However, simply scaling up iPhone apps and running them on the iPad will not work. You need native apps for the iPad. iPad users do not want to use blown up versions of iPhone Apps. They want a user experience that leverages the capabilities of the tablet. We help you focus on satisfying existing users and attracting new clients.

Android App Development:

Regardless of your business niche or your target demographic, a significant percentage of your prospects and current customers are Android platform users. The Google Play store offers more than 675,000 Apps, which have registered more than 25 billion downloads. We understand how mobile markets operate. We design Android Apps with purpose and publish them on the Google Play store.

We specialize in creating mobile applications in the following categories:


Android App

Heppiz is an Android app that enables you to share anything with everyone. A Hepp is a post that you can share with people near a particular location. Posting preferences can be customized. For each Hepp, you can set a recurring date range or specific day of the week.

You can share anything, including events near you, the location of your social gathering, or road conditions. When sharing photographs you can influence and control the viewing audience. Small businesses can also share information to promote their product offerings.

Your Store

iPhone App

Navigate with ease through categories to locate your product of choice. You can effectively narrow your search using the Sort and Filter functions. The Your Store app also allows you to zoom in on product images and obtain real-time updates on the latest offers.

Read reviews and recommendations from other customers. Pay by Cash on Delivery,Credit/Debit Card, and NetBanking. Track order status. Share product information with friends and family through SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Converter Max

iPad App

Converter Max is a unit and currency converter. With a comprehensive list of currencies and hundreds of unit conversion categories, the app converts multiple units/currencies simultaneously. Converter Max supports compound units like Pounds + Ounces or Feet + Inches. The app's full text search allows users to quickly locate categories and units. A real-time currency exchange rate feed refreshes automatically to ensure accurate conversions.

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