Digital branding requires an acute understanding of target markets, creating digital assets, and engaging new & prospective clients across a diverse group of digital channels.

To compete, businesses requires an integrated approach to managing their current marketing tools and a flexible framework for evaluating the most appropriate digital marketing services.†

Traditional marketing focuses the consumer when measuring the return on marketing resource allocations. Today's fluid economy mandates a new set of considerations when tracking campaign efficiency and enterprise performance through tools, analytics, and dashboards.†

Marketing requires a serious investment of time to help partners create their digital identity. We support and often become our client's marketing and technology departments. Marketers spend a significant amount of time creating digital assets. However, they work in silos offline and may overlook opportunities to collaborate. Marketers may benefit from shared day-to-day campaign operations when supporting strategic brand building.†

We facilitate the sharing of best practices with internal team members and external stakeholders, including consultants, agencies, and other partners. We create memorable branding that incorporates a company's logo, assets, marketing and culture. Social media facilitates real-time conversation with future and current customers. With so many avenues for engagement, companies need help to effectively communicate. We listen to our clients and develop messaging that reflects an organization's identity.

Brand Research

As of summer 2015, more than 100 Billion Apps were downloaded from the App Store. The recent growth of mobile apps cannot be underestimated. 34% of traffic to the 10 most visited sites in the U.S is from mobile users. 72% of online activity from mobile devices is completed through apps, not browsers. A simple yet popular mobile App can generate significant revenue for companies or individuals. As such, opportunities are missed when amateurs, or even average professionals, are trusted for the business of iPhone App development.

Your App isnít merely another great idea - rather something that is effective in persuading people to download and believe that their life is incomplete or inefficient without it. Developing such App requires a combination of technical expertise and rich experience. We utilize the latest version of the iOS SDK, among many development tools to design, develop, test, and distribute your App on the App Store.

Brand Positioning

The greater emphasis on user experience and design of User Interface has increased the likelihood of your customer using iPads and tablets. To provide exceptional service in a timely manner, it is necessary to offer apps that has been developed for the iPad. Simply scaling the interface to accommodate the larger screen will not result in a positive user experience. Consumers will certainly grow weary of running blown-up, pixelized iPhone apps on the iPad, especially if iPad enhanced alternatives are available in the App store.

We help you develop iPad versions of your apps to focus on satisfying existing users and attracting new clients.

Brand Development

Overall, the mobile app industry is dominated by two app stores ó Apple's App Store and the Google Play store. There are other options, but brand loyalty and accessibility encourage smartphone owners to return to App Store and Google Play. Regardless of your market segmentation and target demographics, a signifcant percentage of your potential and current customers are Android platform users.

Google Playís worldwide downloads are 60 percent higher than iOS App Store downloads. Users from the emerging markets account for this tremedous growth in downloads. Android users were able to choose between 1.6 million apps while Apple's App Store remained the second-largest app store with 1.5 million available apps.

We understand how mobile markets operate. Accordingly, we design purposeful, convenient and easy-to-use Android Apps and publish them on Google Play Stores.

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